How Did the Diplodocus Hold its Head Up?

You may experience some neck tension with stress and prolonged sitting at the computer, driving or working at a bench. But think of the poor old Diplodocus, how did they manage to hold their heads up with a 7 metre long neck?  They didn’t have a tall frame on their shoulders and the cables that we see holding up the long boom of the cranes on high-rise building sites.   The Diplodocus used a wonderful structural design which is actually the structural basis of all life forms. It is the

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“I’m Stuck”

It’s great when people come to see me and say they are “stuck” or “blocked” in some aspect of their body or their life. This is because realising you are stuck is the point at which moving forward is possible. “It seems as if I keep making progress then I hit a barrier, I feel like I’m running around in circles, I’ve tried EVERTHING, it’s SO FRUSTRATING!” If you think of something, it could be a pain (or any other aspect of your life), that you are experiencing (or have

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