We are all experiencing challenges and disruptions to our lives. Anxiety and uncertainty about the future is rife in our communities and stress levels are generally higher than average – even for people who are typically calm and grounded.

HeartMath is offering free access to their popular new online program, The HeartMath Experience, during the months of April and May and possibly longer.

Click here for your free access to The HeartMath Experience.

This effective 90‑minute interactive learning experience provides insights into the power of your heart’s intelligent guidance. You will learn 5 scientifically validated HeartMath techniques designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety while increasing inner serenity and emotional poise.

The coronavirus pandemic is awakening millions to the reality of our interconnectedness. We are all in this together, which can turn out to be the bright side of it all. Yes, millions are isolated by ‘shelter in place’ or separated by ‘social distancing’, yet sensing that it’s now time to care for each other more than ever.” – Doc Childre, HeartMath founder

These techniques for balancing the mind and emotions, as well as practicing compassionate care, can enhance our immune system and boost our resilience.

Click here for your free access to The HeartMath Experience.


Free Online Healing Circle Meditation

We are fortunate to have in our community a long time friend of mine, Margo Field. Margo has travelled to the USA to train as a HeartMath facilitator. Together we have organised an Online Group Meditation event using the HeartMath techniques described in the HeartMath Experience program.

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On Thursday 21st May 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Please fill out and submit the registration form below if you wish to participate.