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My way of practice is quite different from most Chiropractors

I help people with a combination of Network Chiropractic and Profound Tension Release techniques. Both these techniques are effective, gentle and mostly painless. They are designed to help the body and mind to heal the injuries and trauma experienced through a lifetime. I don’t use manual Chiropractic techniques (“cracking”), I explain why in the article: “Why I don’t “Crack Backs” Anymore”.

People come to me with pain and other symptoms in all parts of their bodies and limbs. They may also come with experiences of emotional and/or mental blockages or over-activity. The symptoms and blockages/over-activity have usually lead to them feeling frustrated and trapped by their current life situation.

The methods I use are designed to release blockages in the flow of energy of the body’s two great communications systems; the nervous system and the connective tissue system.

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Who comes to see me?

People from all age groups and for a variety of reasons

Network Care and Profound Tension Release are suitable for all ages from young infants to the elderly and including women who are pregnant. Infants and children may benefit very quickly as their body patterns are not as deeply entrenched as those of adults. An older person often have patterns that have been present for decades and these may take longer to release. 

Network Care

Network Care is a contemporary form of chiropractic treatment that is designed to release and remove deeply ingrained holding patterns and tensions in the body.  A network practitioner uses a gentle system of light touches to specific points on the body (called entrainments).  In so doing, neurological pathways are activated that prompt the brain to suggest to the body how it might release tension and realign itself in a more balanced way. Network Care seeks to help your body heal itself.

The typical result is a person feeling more flexible and at ease, breathing more freely, coping with stress and having a dramatically enhanced experience of life. Recipients of Network Care often report feeling less pain and improved organ function. They also speak about feeling more self-confident and expressive, and having a much clearer experience of their body and their feelings.

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Profound Tension Release

Profound Tension Release (PTR) is a technique developed by Chiropractor Dr Ken Stewart for releasing tension within the connective tissues of our bodies.  Tension in our bodies develops as a response to injury and trauma arising from physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual stresses we inevitably experience throughout our lifetime.

These stresses form patterns of tension throughout our bodies, our limbs and our organs. Profound Tension Release involves the practitioner applying gentle hand pressure to the specific place in the body where the source of a pattern of tension originates. Therefore enabling tension to be released and resolved.

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Dr Ken Stewart

Dr Ken StewartI graduated as a Chiropractor 30 years ago with the belief that my purpose was to help people to help themselves. My years of practice as a manual Chiropractor provided a terrific background to my embracing of Network Chiropractic and Profound Tension Release techniques.

Practicing in a wholistic way, I see people who are not just focusing on getting rid of something, e.g. a headache (and then inevitably reverting to the same old self that caused the pain in the first place) but people who are willing to focus on exploring and experiencing new possibilities of themselves. This requires a commitment to gaining personal insight and growth.

Having practiced and received Network care for more than 10 years, I am confident of its unlimited possibilities as a means of finding greater resources of grace, energy and passion. I regularly attend seminars and workshops to learn and experience the continuing advances in Network Chiropractic, thus enabling me to improve my capacity to assist others to realise their potential.

Over recent years I have developed a technique that I have called Profound Tension Release. PTR is designed to release tension patterns in the connective tissues of body, limbs and organs. Working in concert with Network Care, which is aimed at releasing tension patterns in the spine and central nervous system, Profound Tension Release may help provide a more specific resolution to many of the problems that people come to see me about.  

I embrace an attitude of enthusiastic optimism and yet have enormous respect for the people who come to see me. I am continually inspired by the effort and courage my clients expend in order to improve their lives and their relationships with others.

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“What lies before us and what lies behind us are trifles to what lies within us. And if we do what is in us, carry that out into the world, miracles happen.” Albert Jay Nock
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