To Live the Best Life I Can

When I asked a young woman, who I saw for the first time recently, what motivated the significant changes she had made in her life over the last year she said she had decided, “To live the best life I can”. I found her words to be inspirational as she had the wisdom to speak in the present and the present is the only place we can change any aspect of ourselves. We hear a lot about ways to success these days. Often it’s about setting and achieving goals and/or

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When we desensitize ourselves to our body, we tend to associate knowledge and wisdom only with our thinking mind. We try to think our way through life, giving ourselves a break from our minds every now and then by drugging ourselves, getting erotic, or otherwise using the body as a tool for distraction. Our bodies get so easily saturated with our mental activity—if someone asks us how we’re feeling, many of us tend to look up or away, scanning through our mind for the answer. As if the mind knows!

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