Four SeasonsThe Four Seasons of Wellbeing are distinct rhythms in the journey of life. They are: DISCOVER, TRANSFORM, AWAKEN and INTEGRATE. The seasons are not goals to achieve, something to “get through”, or stages of life to avoid, but phases to experience and grow through. Each Season has wisdom to be gained when we fully experience that season.

A farmer understands the benefits of matching his focus and workload to the appropriate Season at hand. Soil is rested in winter, nourished and planted out in spring, irrigated in summer, and harvested in autumn. Similarly, it is through an understanding and acceptance of the rhythms within the Seasons of Wellbeing that we experience the magical role that timing plays in our healing process.

Each Season draws on a different type of intelligence, it influences the way we go about daily activities and the resources available to us at any particular time. The Season we are in represents the way we perceive and react to our environment and how this impacts us at every level. Network Care is focused and adapted to being  in tune with the season a person is in at the time of their visit.

The first three Seasons: DISCOVER, TRANSFORM and AWAKEN, represent the cycles we go through during different stages and circumstances in life:


DISCOVER is the Season ‘when life happens to me.’

In the Season of DISCOVER, we take the time to understand and experience how we have learned to defend ourselves from the world. We discern how in our lives we may have moved away from pain, physically, energetically, emotionally — and whether we still need to be doing this. In DISCOVER we learn how we have narrowed our perception, created feelings, isolated parts of our body or protected ourselves in response to circumstances at times in our life, past or present.

The Season of DISCOVER is characterised by how the world seems to revolve around us personally, our problems, our concerns, our circumstances… it is the Season when we look outside of ourselves for solutions. Often our perception in this Season is reactionary in nature; attacking; judgemental; accusatory; dissociative from pain; linked to past behaviour; over or under reacting; fear based; procrastination; perfectionism.

The Season of DISCOVER represents stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Twelve Stages of Healing. In Network Care this is what the chiropractor calls Level 1 or Basic Care


TRANSFORM is the Season ‘when I make life happen.’

 In the Season of TRANSFORM we have the sense that we as individuals govern the success or failure in our lives. It is the Season when we take personal ownership for having sustained habits and defence strategies which have narrowed our experience of life and distanced us from our true nature. The focus of TRANSFORM is on claiming or re-claiming our inner strength, courage, wisdom and insight. We then draw on these qualities to assess our current stories, rules, and models with renewed clarity which in turn will start to restore and/or transform our relationships and life goals.

In TRANSFORM we go beyond just the perception of tightness, pain and the posture of the body and spine to include awareness of the more subtle energy in the body. Our sphere of influence now goes beyond just ourselves, to those around us, to our tribe and culture. We are motivated to not only improve our own lives but the lives of others close to us.

 The Season of TRANSFORM represents Stages 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the Twelve Stages of Healing.In Network Care this is what the chiropractor calls Level 2 or Intermediate  Care.

AWAKEN is the Season ‘when life unfolds for me.’

In the Season of AWAKEN, we recognise that life is unfolding, that we are interconnected to all things, and where serendipity plays with us and uplifts. We could also call this the Season of the Human Spirit. It is about claiming a new life and formulating new actions based upon an expanded and conscious perspective of our connection to all. In AWAKEN we develop the powers of gratitude, awe, amazement, grace, love, joy, passion, empathy, compassion, trust and faith through the true energy of human spirit. We start to view humanity as one, not just considering the ‘me, you, us’ paradigm.

The Season of Awaken represents Stages 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the Twelve Stages of Healing. In Network Care this is what the chiropractor calls Level 3 or Advanced Care.


INTEGRATE is the Season ‘when we use the gifts from one Season to drive the experience of another.’

The fourth Season; INTEGRATE, is available for us to use once we have a greater depth of experience and understanding of the other three Seasons. It is the Season when we have the ability to know and consciously choose the combination of Seasons called in for various circumstances or life changes. For example, we can learn to discover new depths of our strategies of global interaction. Or we can make transformations to how our symptoms affect our lives.


Our individual journey through life may not be linear. We may jump from DISCOVER to AWAKEN to DISCOVER to TRANSFORM and back to DISCOVER, all in the course of one week! Life isn’t a race to the finish line, but rather a path of learning. As higher baselines of experience and understanding emerge in our life, it becomes easier to live in certain Seasons. After we have learned the gifts that each Season presents, a new flexibility allows us to use each Season to reorganize specific aspects of our life consciously.

To receive the gifts of each Season, all we must do is truly experience the Season in which we currently live.

For further information see the Reorganisational Healing Website