The stages of development are a vitally important map to see where we are both as individuals and as a culture.  For humanity to have hope of  surviving  there will have to be a crucial percentage of the population reach the worldcentric (orange and green) levels and an equally crucial and smaller percentage reach the 2nd tier (teal and above levels). Currently 70% of the worlds population is at red (egocentric) and amber (ethnocentric) levels. In a western country like Australia the approximate proportions of the population are: 2% red, 20-25% Amber, 50% orange, 20-25% Green and 2%  teal or above. Ideally we are moving towards the point where 10% of the population will be at teal or above in 10 years.

Network Care is one of the ways that can assist an individual to move to higher stages of development, this it especially if it is combined with meditation. Other practices such as EFT (or an Australian EFT site), TRE  and Logosynthesis can be helpful as well.

Developmental psychologists have identified numerous features of an individual’s consciousness, such as

  • cognition (what one is aware of),
  • values (what one considers most important),Stages of Development Chart
  • self-identity (what one identifies with).

These features of consciousness develop through recognizable stages, each stage revealing a markedly different understanding of the world. There are eight stages of consciousness as understood through research about the unfolding development of values and self-identity.  Each stage of consciousness is identified with a colour, for easy reference. It is important to recognize that these “stages” are not strict levels, like rungs on a ladder. They are more like loosely delineated areas along a spectrum of development. Thus, a stage is more like a probability wave than a concrete level of consciousness.

“We are not our stages; we are not the self who hangs in the balance at this moment in our evolution. We are the activity of this evolution. We compose our stages, and we experience this composing.” Robert Kegan, Harvard developmental psychologist

The stages are divided into:

  1. Egocentric stages (Infrared, Magenta, and Red),
  2. Ethnocentric stage (Amber),
  3. Worldcentric stages (Orange and Green),
  4. Kosmocentric stages (Teal, Turquoise, and Indigo).

A more detailed summary of the stages of development is contained in the following article;  (Click on the link) An Overview of Developmental Stages of Consciousness.