hot-cup-of-coffee AMuch of what distresses us comes from a conflict with our “higher selves.”  We often perceive ourselves as falling short of our own potential and are overwhelmed by inadequacy.

The following thought-experiment might prove useful:

Imagine for a moment that your so-called higher self is living a parallel life. Right now, he or she is doing the things you want to be doing, having the relationships you want to be having, living the life-style you want to be living, enjoying the health you want to be enjoying, and is expressing him or herself creatively and emotionally in all the ways you want to be expressing.

Let’s pretend this ‘You’ was an actual person and let’s pretend that you have the opportunity to invite them for a coffee and chat at your favourite café.

As you prepare to meet, what are you feeling? Are you nervous or embarrassed? And as you sit there chatting, do you find yourself wanting to make excuses for why you’re not living the same life this higher version of Yourself is living? Take note of how you are feeling during this imaginary scenario, but avoid making comparisons.

Instead, observe how this higher You is carrying themselves, check their posture, tune in to their energy, be receptive to their vibrations. Get a sense of their confidence, joy and enthusiasm. See the light behind their eyes.

Now, step out of conflict with this other You. After all, it’s YOU!! You are them. It merely takes a mental shift to step right into their shoes. The barrier to becoming your “higher-self” is purely imaginary. There is no barrier…… simply a merging.

Until we start thinking the thoughts and carrying the presence of the higher version of ourselves, we will continue to live a lesser experience.