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Invisible Limits

Trevor is our neighbour’s dog – busy and always looking for new experiences. He likes to wander and lives on a busy road, so for his own safety, Trevor lives in a cage. Not that you can see it in the form of walls and fences - Trevor’s cage is created by buried wires and a collar that gives him a shock when he reaches the boundary. From his experience of previous zaps, Trevor knows the area that he is confined to. He limits his life to this space. The

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Active Surrender

People who come to see me are often experiencing a difficult period in their lives. Difficulties we all face in life as the result of challenges within families, health issues, social interactions and societal pressures often result in our becoming ungrounded and subjected to inflexible mental thinking and a body patterned with tension and blockages. This can bring out aspects in us that we may have experienced in the past or that we thought we had moved beyond. We can be thrown back into habits that we thought we had

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To Live the Best Life I Can

When I asked a young woman, who I saw for the first time recently, what motivated the significant changes she had made in her life over the last year she said she had decided, “To live the best life I can”. I found her words to be inspirational as she had the wisdom to speak in the present and the present is the only place we can change any aspect of ourselves. We hear a lot about ways to success these days. Often it’s about setting and achieving goals and/or

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The Truth Is In The Body

On the radio I heard a discussion about a program that helped gambling addicts by using dramatic acting. A young man spoke about his addiction and his $1,000,000 debt. He said he had tried a variety of counselling methods to resolve his addiction but nothing changed until he joined the acting group. He said that by acting he had to engage his body and, “with your body there is a sensation that is so real – that’s where I felt the humungous shift in finding my own truth rather than

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What Is The Difference?

“What is the difference between the “work” you do and other modes of healing work such as reiki?” This is a common question that people ask me. Energy healing modes are important ways to assist people to heal. Most healing modes, such as reiki, are learnt and practiced as a technique. i.e. there is a way to set up the room, the person is assessed to determine areas on which to focus, which symbols to use, what hand positions and what symbols are appropriate and what interpretations of information received

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What To Do About Anxiety

Of the most recent 25 people who have come to see me for the first time, 44% reported on their intake form that they were experiencing anxiety. Almost all of these people were not experiencing clinically diagnosed anxiety nor were they receiving any treatment for the condition. Statistics tell us that over 2 million Australians experience clinically diagnosed anxiety every year.  Clearly it can be a serious condition requiring medical and psychological help. But where does that leave the seemingly large group of people, such as people who come to

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“Feeling Old”

During the initial stages of a first consultation, it is common for people to tell me that they are “feeling old”. They talk about experiencing “aches and pains”, restricted movement in their joints, lack of energy, stress, depression, anxiety and perhaps one or more chronic health conditions. In fact, if you are over 50 years old (and often younger), the above symptoms are regarded as normal in our society. They seem to be the standard by which people are judged by our conventional health care system. This situation is inevitable

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Noticing – with Curiosity

We say things we regret, we feel things - anger, resentment, jealousy, that are toxic to ourselves and others; and we act on impulse instead of with forethought. How can we change this destructive behaviour? The answer is: to take note of what is happening and be curious about it. This is a deceptively simple instruction that nonetheless has tremendous power. What does it mean? And how do you do it? Being the witness, the watcher, the observer, has been a part of meditative practice for centuries, but what this really means is not

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What is Healing?

To heal is to become whole. The words “healing” and “curing” are commonly used interchangeably, but their definitions are different. Curing is a restoration of health, an absence of symptoms, and a remedy of disease. It’s a return to a previous state of health. This is the aim of our health care system – to take you back to the state you were in before the symptoms or disease. Which, of course, was the very state of “dis-ease” you were in when the symptoms began (and may well have contributed

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What to Expect From My Practice

Providing relief for people who present with symptoms, as outlined below, is fundamental to my practice. But most of all, I am interested in seeking and treating the underlying causes of their pain and discomfort. Network Chiropractic Care and Profound Tension Release remain as the effective basis of my practice. A yearning for greater creativity and expression is a constant experience for many people. Time and again, people express to me their frustration at not being free to be more constructive in their lives. A yearning for greater creativity and

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