“What is the difference between the “work” you do and other modes of healing work such as reiki?”

This is a common question that people ask me.

Energy healing modes are important ways to assist people to heal. Most healing modes, such as reiki, are learnt and practiced as a technique. i.e. there is a way to set up the room, the person is assessed to determine areas on which to focus, which symbols to use, what hand positions and what symbols are appropriate and what interpretations of information received are given. All of which amounts to a fairly set formula.

From years of learning and evolving my own practice, I have gained the understanding that:

  • All healing is self-healing – here is no healer except of oneself
  • “Healing” techniques that rely on the judgement and interpretations of the practitioner are limiting the power of their process because there is a pre-existing expectation that healing will occur in a predictable way.
  • A practitioner of the healing arts is a “conditioner of the space” that facilitates the self-healing of the person, rather than being “the healer”.

This evolved understanding of healing can be a difficult concept to grasp even for those who have had years of experience in the healing arts. It is at odds with what we have grown up with, namely that the practitioner is in charge and is responsible for the outcome.

An understanding of the new genre of healing requires a completely different approach. Lately, the cutting edge of Science (from physics to microbiology and neuroscience) supports the notion of us all having an interrelationship with everything and everybody in the universe. The concept that we are separate and autonomous is actually a convenient illusion.

“If you’re lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you’re really lucky, your healing will come in a form you’ve not even dreamed of – one which the Universe specifically has in mind for you.” Dr Eric Pearl.

With earlier methods of my practice I felt the person was relying on my interpretations of their condition. People were rarely aware of their own mastery. Over time, I increasingly felt I was better positioned to help people to help themselves.

Gradually I was able to let go of previous techniques and instead was more able to be “present” with the person I was seeing. Paradoxically, it was by learning Network Chiropractic techniques, with its emphasis on acute observation of a person’s breathing and body movements that enabled me to begin my journey. More recently, by embracing Profound Tension Release and in taking on the subtle skills of Tesla Metamorphosis I have gained insight into the limits of adhering to a single healing modality. It is an ongoing journey but I can honestly say that there is an increasing freedom and joy and potential therein. Given the above observation regarding our inter-connectedness, I am also witnessing the courage, freedom and joy in the people I see in my practice.

“Energy healing techniques, old and new, are like training wheels on a bicycle. You don’t improve by adding more. To truly master the bicycle, you must remove the training wheels. The true gift of the healing technique comes only in its transcendence.”  Dr Eric Pearl.

I hope this goes some way towards an understanding of my practice. It is extremely difficult to put into words exactly what I do. Years of hands on experience plus an on-going thirst for greater understanding and an active engagement with like-minded people all contribute to my capacity to help people. But I want to conclude by saying that the biggest factor in the process of healing is by far a person’s commitment to themselves and their courage to take on the issues that emerge from their healing.