The Network Chiropractor makes a gentle touch or pressure or tap using leverage.  As soon as he sees the patient’s body respond and start to work with the adjustment, the Doctor steps back and lets the patients body work with the adjustment.  In this way we are not overpowering the patients nervous system, but instead allowing it to do most of the work itself.  This encourages and actually teaches the body to become self-corrective and more self-reliant in the future.  It is like a parent showing a child how to tie his or her shoes, but then stepping back and letting the child practice and work with tying the laces.

If the parent steps in all the time and does the shoe tying for the child, he or she never becomes empowered and self-sufficient.  Healing is about empowering and freeing the awesome power you have inside of you to heal.  By using light force then stepping back to let your body work, the Network Chiropractor is letting the greatest, wisest Doctor, the Doctor within you, do the corrective work.