GisborneThroughout my 35 years of practical chiropractic experience I have continually worked to expand and develop the methods I use to help the people I see improve the quality of their lives. People measure their quality of life in many ways and I see my “work” is to help the people find and maximise their own quality of life. I now am no longer working as a chiropractor as I have freed myself of the limitations of being a registered chiropractor. My work continues to be using the same methods and to be ever expanding.

We are all multi-faceted humans who notice that we are held back in our progress by pain and restrictions in our bodies and our minds. From my careful observations of thousands of patients and my great thirst for learning I have seen that the experience of restrictions, pain and tension in people’s bodies and limbs are not separate from their emotional and mental blockages and/or over-activity. I have learnt and developed techniques aiming to help free my patients of their pain whatever type and whatever the source.

I have observed that the pain, tension, blockages and restrictions that patients are currently experiencing are almost always related to patterns which have built up layer upon layer, often from relatively minor (from an adult’s perspective) physical, emotional and/or mental trauma, that occurred at a much younger age. The techniques I use help people “dig down” through their layered patterns to unwind the tension back to its source.

The way I work and the philosophy under-pinning it comes from a different and more wholistic perspective than that which is the norm in our society and in particular our current health care system. As we grow up we are taught that the symptom of pain is something to get rid of. Sometimes this is necessary to cope with a short term situation such as an acute injury or infection, but this rarely brings about long term changes to our underlying health challenges.

Pain is supposed to make us  Stop, Take notice, and Change

Have you ever thought about why we have pain and other symptoms? Pain has evolved over the history of life (and it doesn’t matter if we are an amoeba or a human) and is supposed to make us do three things: Stop, Take notice, and Change some aspect of what we are doing. It’s like the flashing oil light in your car. You can choose to ignore it, disconnect the wires and drive on to future bigger problems; or stop, look for the cause and do something about it. We all have choice as a birthright but we fail to notice that our choices are restricted by patterns of thinking that are very often the same patterns that are the source of our symptoms.

We are amazing people who have this innate ability to heal ourselves (does the Band-Aid heal the cut in your finger?). When we see most health care practitioners or take pills, it is not really the visit to the clinic or pills that bring about our improved health even if the symptoms are relieved.

Real improvements in our health come from enacting embodied changes from within, supported by wholistic practitioners and seeking lifestyles that empower us to find our own deeper healing.

Health means Wholeness.

Principles of Health and Wellness

  • We are all one, body and mind.

  • Symptoms are the end result of a build-up of layered patterns of tension.

  • Tension patterns start early in life.

  • Physical, emotional and mental pain is all interrelated.

  • Treatment aimed at stopping the symptoms rarely changes the underlying patterns which cause the symptoms.

  • Healing comes from our own courageous endeavours with the support of wholistic practitioners and their techniques, our community and a healthy lifestyle.