My journey of the last 30 years.

For my first twenty years in practice I used common chiropractic techniques involving manual adjusting (“cracking”) of the spinal joints and massaging the muscles. While this way of practicing produced good results – people were happy and I enjoyed my “work” – I observed that there was often only short term relief of symptoms and there was little significant change in people’s lives.

Occasionally I would observe more profound changes in both a person’s symptoms and in important aspects of their lives. They would come in and tell me that not only had their symptoms (headaches, neck pain, back pain etc.) resolved but they had also changed a significant aspect of their lives – resigned from a stressful, unsatisfying job, left an unhappy relationship, improved their diet/lifestyle etc.

For me this was fascinating and inspirational. I truly believe this is what health care is really about – much more than just trying to “fix” symptoms. It’s about helping a person to resolve symptoms, make changes and evolve their lives.

Health care is really about helping a person to resolve symptoms, make changes and evolve their lives.

When I asked these people to elaborate on what had triggered the change in their lives, they would say that it was, “something to do with your treatment”. I had no explanation for this other than speculating that, with these people, I was intuitively contacting points on their bodies that somehow released the tension that was preventing them from making changes on many levels.

I was sufficiently convinced about the significance of certain triggering points that I set off on a journey to find ways of helping more than just the occasional person to experience change in their lives.  I looked at techniques from within Chiropractic and other techniques.

I had my first Network Chiropractic entrainment 10 years ago and due to the immediate impact of that experience, I knew that I must learn and practice Network. I then began the training to become a Network Chiropractor. I received Network Care twice a week for 15 months and continued once a week over the next few years. I currently have a Network entrainment every 2 -3 weeks with more intensive Care from time to time.

Concurrently, I also learnt about and experimented with other energy healing techniques such as E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and T.R.E. (Trauma Release Exercises). I realised that these practices are about releasing blockages (physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual) in the substance that supports us, holds us together and communicates with every other aspect of the body, namely, our Connective Tissue Matrix. Using the knowledge gained from studying the fore mentioned techniques and from my experience as a student and recipient of Network Care, I began to develop a specific technique that I call Profound Tension Release.

My current way of practicing uses a combination of Network Care and Profound Tension Release, balancing the way the two methods work to provide the most effective changes and growth in the people I see.

What I have learnt along the way.

I have learnt that a forceful technique, or even a gentle technique applied with a forceful intention, can really be of limited benefit to the individual who receives it. We are all sensitive to our environment and capable of reacting to stimuli by either going into a mode of acceptance (growth) or rejection (defence) depending on how we perceive stimuli. It is only when we feel safe to accept and grow that tension can be resolved within our bodies. A gentle technique, both in application and intention, is more likely to provide a safe environment for resolution and growth.

A forceful technique may change things in the short term but the next time a person encounters the situation that triggers their stress, their bodily tension will recur. Their symptoms will also recur because the underlying pattern of tension hasn’t changed.

All healing is self-healing.

All healing is self-healing. Healing, whether it is of a cut finger, stiff neck, an emotional wound or an illness happens from within us. Self-healing can be activated and progressed by positive external stimuli and support from appropriate people, environments, techniques and/or products. I believe that Network Care and Profound Tension Release can provide these very requirements.

Where to next?

I am convinced that my life’s purpose is to assist people to change and enhance their lives. To serve this purpose, I am constantly evolving and developing my skills and expanding my knowledge.

I am excited by the potential for change and growth within every individual and will continue to offer Network Care and Profound Tension Release, balancing the way these two methods complement each other to provide effective change and growth for all the people I see in my Practice.