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To Live the Best Life I Can

When I asked a young woman, who I saw for the first time recently, what motivated the significant changes she had made in her life over the last year she said she had decided, “To live the best life I can”. I found her words to be inspirational as she had the wisdom to speak in the present and the present is the only place we can change any aspect of ourselves. We hear a lot about ways to success these days. Often it’s about setting and achieving goals and/or

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Are You a Transition Person?

Every day in my practice, I help and I am inspired by people who have the qualities of a “Transition Person”. The expression “Transition Person” has been defined as: “A person who breaks unhealthy, harmful, abusive or unfortunate learned behaviours and replaces them with proactive, helpful, effective behaviours.  This person models positive behaviours and passes on effective habits that strengthen and build others in positive ways.” ~ Stephen Covey In my experience, “Transition People” experience a deep desire stand up and be a positive example to others in their family,

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When the Voice Gets Louder….

When the Voice Gets Louder, You’re on the Right Track. Have you ever noticed that when you make the decision to start or actually do something new, especially if it involves a significant shift from your previous way doing things, there is an increase in the “chatter” in your head? Your inner voice may say: “You can’t do that”, “What will people think?”, “Nobody else does it like that”, “You’re stupid to think like that” ….and dozens of similar statements. My suggestion is that the louder the voice, the more

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