What is Restorative Therapeutics (RET)?

 Restorative Therapeutics is the detection and treatment of symptoms, disease and infirmity. It’s about “fixing” a problem after it occurs. It has little to do with true Health Care, Prevention or Wellness. This model can be practiced by a Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist etc.

The Assumptions of RET:

  • Something is disturbing  a persons experience of life;
  • This disturbance is wrong – must be stopped;
  • By stopping the disturbance they can return to previous life routines;
  • Success is a return to previous routines, feelings and actions.

The question is what if the previous situation reflected a low state of health and resourcefulness. The previous situation had to be the precursor for the disturbance that is being experienced now.

The Process of RET:

  • Physical examination and biomedical tests demonstrating pathology, or a non average state are used to diagnose the “cause” of the person’s ill health;
  • Treatment is directed towards the removal/reduction of symptoms;
  • Removal of symptoms or disease produces the health outcome;
  • Prevention of conditions is important. This is done by earlier testing of biomedical indicators and treatment.

What is Reorganisational Healing (ROH) ?

Reorganisational Healing is an approach to healing and life seeking to:

  • Optimise existing structures and fields of influence;
  • Create a more dynamic, aware and responsive state;
  • Produce new sustainable emerging properties;
  • Assist in self regulation, growth and evolution.

The Assumptions of ROH:

  • Something is disturbing  a persons experience of life;
  • This disturbance suggests that a change in perception, structure and/or behaviour is necessary in the person’s life;
  • The person takes action and seeks supporters and resources to clarify and act upon the meaning of the disturbance;
  • Success is a new energy efficient emerging state which is at a higher level of organisation within the body, it’s consciousness and the person’s life.

The Process of ROH

  • The person becomes aware (including by using external tests/information/expertise) that new perceptions, structures or behaviours are desirable;
  • Action is taken, and information and resources gained to facilitate the movement towards more desirable states;
  • The changes produced by the actions are seen as a process rather than as necessarily looking for an immediate result;
  • A new level of health and wellness is achieved as an interactive process involving multiple aspects of the person’s life and internal state.

It can be resourceful to be using both RET and ROH processes either concurrently or as appropriate for the life circumstance. For example in the middle of important exams, symptomatic relief of a condition that arises, maybe the most efficient way to get through the exams. The value for growth from that condition may be gained later when there is time to reflect on the state of being that resulted in the condition.

Restorative Therapeutics and Reorganisational Healing Contrasted


External – Defence
• What is it?
• Where is it?
Internal – Growth
• What is the meaning?
• What is the gift?
Internal Dialogue
  • What happened in the past?
  • Why they did it
  • Who’s to blame?
  • Who’s right / who’s wrong?
  • What’s the cause?
• How do I become more internally guided?
• How can I experience more of my true nature?
• How do I become more creative?
• How can I help others do the same?
• How can I have a life that I never had before, regardless of my symptoms or diagnosis?
Linear – the bigger the problem the larger force required; e.g. stronger medication for more “serious” problems.
Non Linear – a small input of energy can help initiate a large change; e.g. well timed word can make a profound change in your life.
Survival or getting back where the person was with minimal change.
Optimise existing structures, foster a state of more awareness, and develop new and sustainable emerging properties not previously available.
High cost, short term gains, relatively poor outcomes in long term.
Low cost, better long outcomes for individuals and humanity.