Network Spinal Analysis Research

Network Care has had some of the largest studies ever performed into the effectiveness of Chiropractic. Because of its diverse range of reported benefits, it has also prompted the development of dramatically different ways to research and measure wellness.

One study conducted by senior researchers at the University of California assessed over 2,800 people receiving Network Care. The results showed that people experienced benefits such as greater energy, improved flexibility, reduced symptoms and pain, greater capacity to cope with stress, improved mental clarity and performance, higher productivity, greater ability to adapt to change, increased self-confidence and satisfaction with self, work and life

The benefits from Care were measurable from as early as one month after the initial consultation and they continued over time appearing to have no upper limit, meaning that people continued to improve as long as they continued Care. This makes Network Care a true ‘Wellness Care’ as compared to orthodox medicine and some natural health care practices which seek only to restore a person to a non-symptomatic state.

In comparing the effectiveness of Network Care with other healthy lifestyle practices such as meditation, yoga, eating well and minimizing toxic behaviours (e.g. smoking); research showed that Network Care improves quality of life more than twice as much as all of the other healthy lifestyle practices combined.

Network Chiropractor Training

Network Care practitioners complete a rigorous 5 year chiropractic tertiary degree course, similar in length and majority of content to a medical practitioner’s course of study. In addition, Network Care practitioners attend many postgraduate seminars covering the scientific concepts and hands on training over a number of years to enhance the  practising of their chosen discipline.