Network Chiropractic practices usually work in Open Plan entrainment rooms. Open Plan refers to there being several entrainment tables in one room.

There are significant benefits to the people experiencing the entrainments with this layout.

What actually happens is if someone experiences energy in themselves that has a similar frequency to something you are holding in your body-mind, it will resonate with that part of you like a tuning fork, bringing it closer to the surface, and easier to feel.

The open entrainment room actually helps your body learn faster, because, just like when someone else yawns in a meeting, you might yawn, or when someone around you takes a deep breath you might notice yourself take a deep breath shortly after, our bodies respond to the subtle shifts in others around us. We are wired to take advantage of the rhythms around us that are of benefit to us.

This process allows your body to feel and move energy and feelings that you would normally just carry locked inside your body as a silent burden, unexpressed or unfelt. This accelerates your growth and development too, so it is a win-win!

With an open plan room people help each other simply by experiencing themselves and their own energy.