Creating Waves

WaveTwo unique responses with Network Care are the two spinal oscillation waves. The first is called a Respiratory Wave, which looks like a wave going through the spine as your body releases tension. You may sense it, and often feel a sigh of relief as it passes throughout your body.

The second is referred to as a Somatopsychic Wave (Network Wave), which occurs as you advance in Care, usually in level two. This wave is a transformational movement, which is a pattern changing phenomenon. These waves have not been demonstrated in any other setting. They have actually been measured in scientific laboratories, having mathematical properties that are predictable as seen and recorded through computerized EMG scanning. It’s these waves traveling along your spine and throughout your body that help to ‘melt’ your defensive patterning.

The sensation of these waves is similar to a yawn or the desire to stretch. It feels like the desire just appears and feels comfortable to ‘go with it’. As your body’s movements become more synchronized and harmonious they “entrain’ with your body’s natural rhythm and cycles. It’s for this reason that each session is called an ‘entrainment’.

Twenty Five Years of the Network Wave

For a quarter century the Network Wave has been helping people reorganise their spines and lives.

Dr. Donny Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal Analysis care, first publicly demonstrated the Network Wave 25 years ago. Since then, it has been experienced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The Network Wave is described as a spinal healing wave that helps to promote wellness, self-awareness, and healthier lifestyle choices.

Dr. Epstein explains, “The Network Wave has been studied in several major universities because of its unique properties for advancing the human nervous system. By achieving greater nervous system coherence, the Network Wave enhances the body’s ability to direct energy for healing, transformation, and advancing one’s body, mind and spirit.”

The Network Wave has evolved through the application of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) care. The Network wave response is a visible physiologic process or undulatory motion of the spine, and surrounding structures, which has been demonstrated to be linked to specific frequency entrained spinal oscillation (rocking vertebrae), arising from precise force or touch applications to the spine. It is an integral part of care provided by NSA practitioners, who are members of the Association for Reorganisational Healing Practice (ARHP).

The ARHP is an international professional organization, advancing the practice of Reorganisational Healing. Practices currently supported by the ARHP include Network Spinal Analysis Care and Somato Respiratory Integration Wellness Education. The ARHP currently has members across North and South America, Australia, and Europe.

The Network Wave, as a revolutionary physical process, continues to advance research into areas of spinal reorganization. Network Wave research at the University of Southern California, has demonstrated increased organization of the nervous system with advancing levels of NSA Care. “The objectively established fact,” states Professor Edmond Jonckheere, Ph,D, “that the signals become less random and more predictable can be interpreted to reveal a better ‘‘organisation’’ of the neural circuitry at advanced levels of care.”

Additional research into Network Spinal Analysis Care, in a landmark study involving 2,818 patients conducted at the University of California-Irvine, established a direct association with improved quality of life changes with an individual’s experience of the Network Wave. These areas of quality of life improvement include physical well-being, mental/emotion well-being, an increased ability to deal with stress and general quality of life improvement.

“Today’s lifestyle demands draw heavily upon our personal resources,” added Dr. Epstein. “The Network Wave can upgrade our body’s operating systems to be better equipped for the more complex software required in these times of rapid change.”

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