Network Care is structured in three levels that build on each other. The first level of care is called Basic Care. The primary objective of this level is to help your brain locate and connect with the stored tension and release it. These releases may be obvious or happen on a more subtle level. You may experience physical releases and body movements such as twisting, stretching or wriggling. You may also experience more emotional releases such as laughing or crying, or you may find your body ‘cleaning house’ and detoxing. Physical pain often eases substantially during this first level and many people notice a sense of relief or change.

The second level of care is called Intermediate Care. This level is directed at releasing the deeper layers of stored tension in the body. Now that your body has developed strategies for releasing its stored tension, you can use (in fact build up more tension) and redirect energy constructively to change or transform old patterns. It’s like a sailor harnessing the wind and redirecting it to travel wherever they want to go. This level is aimed at refining your ability to adapt to stress and life differently. People find they begin to respond in life rather than reacting out of built-up defenses.

The third level of care is called Advanced Care. This level is about growing, evolving and expanding your connection with yourself, others and your external environment. You gain deeper awareness of your self and experience greater flexibility and adaptability.

As you advance through the levels of Care in sequence, the cycle of healing progresses and you experience connecting, releasing, transforming, refining, evolving, and repeating this cycle with increasing efficiency, spontaneity, independence and ease.