For those beginning Network Care the lightness of the touch used to contact key areas of the spine can often be surprising. Upon sensing the contact through the nervous system, the brain responds appropriately, sending messages back to the body. Usually, the more specific (and gentle) the touch, the greater the response.

These contacts are applied to points along your spine and body which respond when you touch them. These points are able to perceive sensory input quite clearly and when a light touch is applied to them, your brain recognises the input like a gentle but powerful wake-up call.

As a result, your brain is instantly alerted to the surrounding tension. This reconnects the stored defensive tension patterns together with any information that may be contained within it. Now that your brain is re-engaged with the defensive pattern, it can begin to release and integrate the stored tension and information. As it does so, ‘waves’ of dissipation are formed along the spine and body, like ripples on a pond. Your body begins to breathe more deeply and the desire to stretch is often felt. Your defensive patterning begins to ‘melt’.

As you progress through Care, your body releases tension. Previously solid, rigidly defended regions begin to move more freely. Your body moves in an increasingly coordinated way. Continuing through Care, your body learns how to recognise and transform the energy of stress and defensiveness into fuel for further opening and growth.