Hello, if you have been referred to see me by your Network Care Practitioner because she/he is away or for some other reason then this is the right page for you.

For an appointment, please SMS or email me with your name, mobile phone number and the name of the practitioner who referred you.

The number is 0428 660 038 and the email address is ken@enkindlewellness.com.au

I will contact you in order to make an appointment.

After you have made your appointment and before you see me, please fill out the online information form by clicking on the following link: Information Form .The sooner you do this the better so that I have time to have things prepared for your visit. When you have completed the form online, click on the Submit button at the end to send it to me.

Directions: Click on the following place name for directions to Gisborne.

You can find more information about my practices on this website.