Before beginning Care you will fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire about your health, well-being and other relevant life experiences. I will spend time with you going over this questionnaire in order to understand your needs and objectives.  I will then do a physical  examination and explain their findings to you. This assessment includes observations about areas of stored tension and stress response patterns in your body and the way you use your core energy.

You will receive  a clear and detailed explanation of what Care will involve and the sort of benefits you could expect. I will then recommend an initial program of Care that will include opportunities for reassessment to discuss your progress and options for continued Care. In recommending frequency of Care for optimal results and progress, I will take into consideration your individual objectives.

We will  conduct progress reviews at approximately each eight weeks, although this may vary according to individual circumstances. Progress reviews are based on an outcomes assessment approach that combines your self-reported changes with my clinical assessment.

Network Care and Profound Tension Release  Session

The gentle and flexible approach of Network Care and Profound Tension Release makes it suitable for people of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

During each session you will typically lie or sit on a table (similar to a massage table). I will determine, through observation of your body’s patterns of muscular tension, breathing rhythm and a host of other parameters, which of the five phases (established patterns) your body is in and I will identify your needs for that session.

A number of factors contribute to the effectiveness of this technique, including the location of the touch, specificity, amount of pressure, direction of touch, timing (when), duration (how long), setting (where) and the environment (sound, comfort, and general surroundings.)

The session is called an Entrainment because as your body’s movements become more synchronized and harmonious they “entrain’ with your body’s natural rhythm and cycles. Your experience, both during and after your Entrainment, is very specific to where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at that moment.